Podcasts Monitoring Tool

Hintech listens to everything that's being said about our product, brand or company on podcasts.

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It`s necessary, because...

54% of Podcast Listeners are Likely to Buy From Brands They Hear Advertised on Podcasts. *ThePodcast Consumer 2019- Edison Reaserch

Listen to opinions

Listening to every podcasts yourself is mission impossible. With Hintech you will finally know what people think and say about your products.

Gather stats

See how your brand is doing over time. Figure out which marketing campaigns profit you the most. Reach out to the most suitable influencers.

Get alerts

Stay on the top of the things, be quick to react and answer questions your clients may have. Get notified about the new mentions.

Ways to work with Hintech

Intuitive Dashboard (in development)

Just sign in and get access to our dashboard. Easy peasy.

Conect via API (beta)

It allows you to get the most important data on podcasts, authors, transcriptions, reviews, descriptions and many others. Contact us - hi@hintech.ai


Hintech is used by

Media Monitoring Companies

To get more mentions and data for their customers. Hintech can enrich your App with podcasts data.

PR/ Marketing Agencies

To know what podcasters say about their clients brands or products. Be the compass for your clients and help them navigate through the meanders of the podcasting world.

End Clients

Podcasters talk about a bunch of things. That includes your brand. Find out what they say exactly. Get Hintech.

Podcasts series

Podcasts episodes

Supported languages

Start your podcast adventure.

Grow faster than the podcast market. Hintech will supply you with all the data you need.